STANLEY® FATMAX® 1/2 in. L PRO-STACK Socket Set, 26pc.

Product Overview

The STANLEY® FATMAX® ½” L PRO-STACK SOCKET SET -26 PCS is a fully connectable and compatible with the STANLEY® FATMAX® PRO-STACK storage solution. Fixable to the larger PRO-STACK casing, this module offers a true mobile and secure solution for your mechanics tools. Featuring: a transparent lid that offers full clarity of contents, a 120bi-material ratchet; comprised of a 120 fine toothed that allows for 3° increments, that allow for a greater tightening capacity with accuracy when operating in within narrow spaces, X-knurl Maxidrive Sockets; with knurling to help take and use the socket easier, a neck-down design to facilitate usage in restrictive environments, a Maxidrive profile to maximise contact between the socket and nut, and visible dimensions to easily identify socket size.

Additional Features

  • X-KNURL MAXIDRIVE SOCKETS: To take and use the socket easier
  • NECK-DOWN DESIGN: To facilitate the use in narrow spaces
  • SOCKET NEXT GENERATION MAXIDRIVE PROFILE: To maximize the contact between the socket and nut/bolt
  • VISIBLE DIMENSIONS: To easily identify the socket size
  • ACCESSORIES: The extensions help end users reach fasteners in inaccessible places. The Universal joint give an end user greater accessibility and free range of motion during applications
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Providing rugged performance for any work environment
  • TORQUE: 1/2’ 3-WAY ADAPTER: for Sliding T-handle allowing to apply more torque
  • PRO-STACK™ LATCHES: Bringing an efficient storage solution. Giving connectivity between Small, Medium and Large PRO-STACK™ cases. Compatible with STANLEY® FATMAX® power tool accessory set range
  • WIDE CHOICE 26PCS: 1x 1/2’ 120T bi-material ratchet, 12x 1/2in. sockets (6-points): 8 –9 –10 –11 –12 –13 –14 –15 –16 –17 –18 –19 –20 –21 –22 –23 –24 –27 –30 –32 –34 mm, 2x 1/2in. extensions: 3in. – 10in., 1x 1/2’ universal joint, 1x 1/2’ 3-WAY Adapter for Sliding T-handle


Product Width
24 cm
CE Mark
Product Height
9.3 cm
Product Weight
4.793 Kg
Number of Pieces
Swivel Head
Is it a Set
Carded Blister
Product Length
44.4 cm



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