Cutting It Fine

New Generation Of STANLEY® Handsaws Upgraded For Maximum Comfort, Control And Speed.

  • Refreshed line-up of STANLEY panel handsaws delivers the perfect combination of speed, durability, precision, comfort and control
  • Built for ease of use and exceptional product life, with high-strength, induction-hardened teeth
  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubber over-mould and optimised finger rest for maximum comfort, grip and control
  • 45/90-degree angle guides allow accurate, quick marking before making cuts
  • Colour coding allows users to identify the correct tool and tooth type for each job
  • TRADECUT™ and JETCUT™ feature 3PT triple ground tooth geometry for faster, more efficient cutting
Gen 2. Tradecut 22In/550Mm 8 Tpi Side View

Continuing to lead the market in handsaw innovation, STANLEY ® has introduced a new generation of professional panel saws, incorporating numerous updates across the range.

Four families of handsaws have been refreshed in the STANLEY and STANLEY® FATMAX® portfolio. All models offer an exceptional blend of speed, precision, durability, comfort and control, to deliver the ultimate, fast cutting performance and outstanding productivity in a host of first and second fix applications. The range has also been streamlined and clearly defined to allow users to quickly select the most efficient tool and tooth type for each project or task.

Following extensive research conducted with trade professionals around the world, STANLEY engineers have redeveloped the product line-up with the following improvements:



Manufactured from the higest quality components, the new rugged JETCUT line-up has been reinforced with induction-hardened, 3-sided triple ground teeth and deliver STANLEY’s fastest cut ever. These premium saws are engineered from 85mm C75S steel to power through a multitude of materials, without the risk of flex or ‘wobble’, and offer excellent control, fulfilling the needs of demanding trade pros.

Each JETCUT model is extremely easy to use thanks to the ergonomic handle, which incorporates a greater circumference, a generous rubber over-mould and smoother palm area – all providing ultimate grip and comfort in the most challenging of cutting applications, particularly in prolonged or repetitive use. A larger finger rest area accommodates all hand sizes and sawing styles.

Created for longevity, each JETCUT model has been meticulously constructed in STANLEY’s factory in France with an improved handle assembly, securely screwed to the blade providing ultimate blade-handle join strength. These high-precision tools also include a 45° and 90° angle guide for outstanding accuracy.

JETCUT saws come in four different lengths: 380, 450, 500 and 550mm with a choice of Universal Cut with 7 TPI (for first fix carpentry applications) or Fine Cut with 11 TPI (for second fix tasks). Each saw includes a reusable, protective blade clip that enables safe and convenient storage and transit. Users will also welcome the colour-coded packaging, allowing the correct tool and tooth type to be rapidly selected for each job in hand.

Specialist models are also available: BLADE ARMOR™ Saw and BLADE ARMOR Plasterboard Saw featuring a PTFE coating to reduce friction and drag for a smoother, more controlled performance, a Plasterboard Saw with deep gullets for the efficient removal of debris (also included on the BLADE ARMOR Plasterboard Saw), and a Laminator Saw featuring a PTFE coating.



Produced to exacting standards at STANLEY’s Denmark facility, the updated TRADECUT saw line-up continues to offer the ideal balance of comfort, speed of cut and robustness and are the perfect all-rounders. Featuring an optimised finger rest area and a substantial over-mould, these high quality models provide excellent grip and control. As with the JETCUT models, they are built with 3-point triple ground, induction-hardened teeth for quick and smooth cutting performance. The 0.85mm blade and handle have been ultrasonically welded for long-term strength, ensuring that the back of the handle is always flush for added comfort in extended use. Available in 8 TPI or 11 TPI variants to cover numerous first and second fix applications, these impressive handsaws deliver an even, precise finish and are available in four lengths: 380, 450, 500 and 550mm. Different models are easily identifiable thanks to clearly colour-coded sleeves.



Designed for outstanding value and everyday use, these hardy handsaws are equipped with induction-hardened teeth for optimum performance and strength. Securely joined between the blade and handle for maximum resilience, the new SHARPCUT range integrates a spacious, optimised finger rest area with rubber over-mould, resulting in a reassuringly easy and comfortable-to-use tool. STANLEY SHARPCUT saws can be purchased with 7 TPI to tackle first fix timber-cutting applications or with 11 TPI for finer, smoother cutting of PVC, plastic and wood in second fix jobs. This line-up also comes in colour-coded packs for swift selection of the right tool.



These rugged handsaws offer high-strength construction combined with smoother, more controlled operation thanks to the application of a BLADE ARMOR PTFE coating directly to the blade, which reduces friction and drag during the cutting process. Constructed with a exceedingly durable aluminium handle encased in an extensive rubber over-mould, these tools afford class-leading grip and comfort in a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Available in 380, 500 and 550mm lengths, with a specialist Plasterboard option.

Darren Barber, Marketing Director at STANLEY said, “Trade pros around the world rely on our tools to excel in their work every day. With this next generation, upgraded handsaw range, we have taken the opportunity to carry out an extensive array of improvements throughout the portfolio, in response to clear feedback from our professional users. Across each family of handsaws, our engineers have reviewed all specifications and delivered comprehensive enhancements that fulfil our customer requirements, resulting in a well-defined range that promises optimum comfort, versatility and durability – and our fastest ever cutting performance for ultimate efficiency and productivity on site.”


Pricing & availability

The next generation STANLEY Panel Handsaw range is available now. Pricing is available on request.



STANLEY has set the precedent for quality tools and engineered solutions for professionals around the globe for more than 175 years. With a legacy of reliability, STANLEY is the No. 1 tapes manufacturer in the world and continues to drive the industry forward with innovations including the STANLEY FATMAX product line as well as hand tools, power tools, storage and accessories that make life easier. For more information visit our STANLEY Website page or follow STANLEY on YouTube.