STANLEY® 100 Piece Mixed Drilling and Screwdriving Set

Product Overview

With a variety of accessories to perform the most common application, STANLEY® Screwdriving Sets offers the right performance to get the job done. The cases are designed to maintain the diferent accessories organized and prevent tool lost.

Additional Features

  • ROUND SHANK: For use with corded and cordless drills
  • APPLICATIONS: House bricks, masonry, soft steel, non-ferrous metals and wood.
  • HOLESAWS: Complete with mandrel to use in a drill/driver drill very large diameter holes in wood
  • SCREWDRIVER BITS: 25mm and 50mm bits Forged and ground for durability.
  • MAGNETIC BIT HOLDER: Strong magnet to hold 25mm screwdriver bits.
  • COUNTERSINK: Used to enlarge and bevel the rim of a drilled hole so that the screw sits flush with the surface
  • NUTSETTERS: For driving nuts and bolts
  • ROBUST CASE: designed to withstand knocks and bumps and keep your accessories together in one place


  • (13) Brad point Wood Drill Bits: 2x3,2.5,4,4.5,2x5,5x5,6,6.5,7,7.5,8mm
  • (13) HSS-TIN Metal Drill Bits: 1.5,2,2.5,2x3,3.5,4,4.5,2x5,5.5,6,7mm#
  • (5) Masonry Drill Bits:3,5,6,8,10mm
  • (4) 50mm PH Screwdriver Bits: 1xPH1,2xPH2, 1xPH3
  • (6) 50mm SL Screwdriver Bits: 1xSL4, 2xSL5, 2xSL6,1xSL7.2
  • (3) 50mm TX screwdriver Bits: 1xT10, 1xT15, 1xT20
  • (10) 25mm PH Screwdriver Bits: 3xPH1, 5xPH2, 2xPH3
  • (9) 25mm PX Screwdriver Bits: 2xPZ1, 5xPZ2, 2xPZ3
  • (9) 25mm SL Screwdriver Bits: 1xSL4, 3xSL5, 3xSL6, 2xSL7.2
  • (12) 25mm TX Screwdriver Bits: 2xT10, 2xT15, 2xT20, 2xT25, 2xT27, 2xT30
  • (2) 25mm HEX Screwdriver Bits: 1xHEX3, 1xHEX4
  • (4) Holesaw for Wood: 32,38,44,54mm
  • (7) Nut Drivers: 5,6,8,10,11,12,13mm
  • (1) Mandrel for Holesaws
  • (1) Countersink
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder


Product Width
30 cm
CE Mark
Modular Connectivity
Number of Accessories
Product Height
5 cm
Number of Pieces
Is it a Set
Product Length
21 cm
Type of Case
Plastic Case
Set Category



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